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DESIGN by Nature

It all starts by hand selecting each orchid in the peak of perfection. This is followed by carefully cutting the stems, a bath in a preservation liquid for four hours, air drying for 2 hours and then more drying in a silica gel. 


Re-shaping by hand, another day of drying and layers of resin sprayed ever so carefully are just a few of our 

formulated secrets steps.


The whole process can take up to a week per flower, to

ensure the durability and preservation of each orchid.


The orchid selection is always changing depending on the season, resulting in a one of a kind treasures that can never be duplicated.


The orchid collection ranges from necklaces,

earrings, rings, brooches, hair clips, and clip on earrings. It is truly a one of a kind creation.

Preserved Forever

About Our Leather
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